All About Dance is MOVING!!!

So, we have some good and bad news.

The “bad” news is:
After seven months of COVID shutdown…we are deciding to closing our doors. We deeply care for the community’s health and well-being. It feels terribly irresponsible, careless, and selfish to host lessons when we KNOW that dancers in our community are testing positive for COVID.

We love dancing and love you all…and we support the community, even at the cost our our business’ current functionality.

The GOOD news is:
We are already under contract on our NEW dance studio!!! We are part of a wonderful, new, customized building being built – looking to open up Summer of 2021!

Our new and improved studio will be located near Powers, at Barnes and Tutt. We can’t wait for this fantastic opportunity to get dancing again! So until then, everyone please stay safe and healthy. Enjoy a cozy winter season. And keep up with us here, on our website, and on Facebook @BeAllAboutDance