Learn more about each of the types of dance we offer

West Coast Swing

One of our most requested and popular dances, west coast swing (wcs) tends to become a passion for dancers world-wide! A bit tricky to learn (at first) the dance is unique in it’s connection and creativity.

Country Two-Step

Country two-step is simple to learn and FUN to master! Danced socially at all country dance venues, we use the two-step as a great “gateway dance” – for dancers to dip their toe into the world of partner dancing.

Cha Cha

Fun, sharp and sassy – cha cha is used commonly in the social dance setting and competitively as well.


Waltz is a smooth dance, performed to a 3/4 tempo song. Used in Ballroom, Country, and other traditional dancing; Waltz is danced socially and competitively, and here we can accommodate for all levels and abilities.

Nightclub Two-Step

Nightclub is a smooth, lovely country and Ballroom dance, used socially and competitively.

East Coast Swing

East coast swing is an energetic, rock-a-billy style swing. Used in Ballroom, country, and swing communities – it’s a blast to watch and to dance!


Also known as “triple-step,” polka is danced socially all the time at country bars!

Triple two-step

Triple two is a unique and lovely style of dance! With characteristics of waltz combined with country two-step… Triple-two step is smooth, shapely and flowy dance.


Hustle is a disco dance! A fun, fast-paced and upbeat dance – we use this dance often when we’re out social dancing.

Latin – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, etc

Who hasn’t heard of Salsa dancing!? The variety of Latin dances are sexy and flirtatious by style, and quick and sharp in movements. These dances are great for going out dancing to live music at Latin dance venues.

Country Swing

Country swing is a country version of a swing or hustle dance. Very popular at the country bars – Country Swing can be a simple and casual social dance, and can be turned up a notch with some tricks and style.


Foxtrot is a lovely social ballroom dance. Used to a smooth, slow song, this dance is a popular dance to get started with.

NIA – Dance Fitness

Nia teaches you to be a sensation scientist by learning to read and respond to your body’s sensations.  It results in increased flexibility, strength, range of motion, and body awareness resulting in greater power, balance and comfort in your ballroom dance AND your lifestyle at home. It is a barefoot fitness technique that encourages you to move YOUR body’s way through ease, fun, and movement for EVERY body!