Compete With A Pro

Competitive Country Dance Circuit


Imagine yourself on dancing with the stars! Competitive dancers will learn routines, improve technique, practice styling…then we put it on the floor, at a variety of dance events around the country! You’ll compete with a Pro!

The UCWDC (United Country Western Dance Council) is a family friendly, world-wide competition dance circuit, that many of our instructors are well established with. The UCWDC competitions dances are: Triple two-step, Polka, Nightclub Two-step, Cha cha, Waltz, Country Two-step, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. You can try one dance, or set a goal to learn them all!

  • Pro-Am: You’ll compete with your profesional coach.
  • Couples: Find another dancer near your ability, and compete together.
  • Team: Learn a neat line or couples routine to perform as a group, there’s strength in numbers!
  • Line Dance: A solo, choreographed routine to stylize and perform.

There are age brackets which create appropriate divisions…so it’s never to early or too late to start performing and competing! Youth divisions start as soon as the little ones know how to dance, up to our Gold division for dancers ages 60+ …It’s true that dancing can be for everyone!

Dancing in a Competition

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q — Do I have to be a great dancer to start competing?
A — No! You can be an absolute beginner and learn as you go. There is a “starter division”… You’ll get better fast by starting with a tangible goal such as competitions.

Q — Is it expensive to compete?
A — Yes, It can be! When becoming a competitive dancer, it is highly recommended to take at least one private lesson per week. In addition, when you do choose to travel to a competition, there are travel costs (including plane tickets/driving expenses, hotel, food, etc). There are also registration fees… A weekend pass, as well as fee per dance entry. With all that said (and spent!), competitive dancing is an investment for yourself… Confidence grows, dancing is cleaner and simply *better* than non-competitors, and the experience of a competition weekend is SO unforgettable!

Q — What would it be like at a competition? 
A — Competitions take place in different hotels in different cities around the Country (and World!), and are held in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Dancers fly/drive in from around the world to get dressed up and dance their routines. There is a judging panel, usually 5-7 judges, and an audience of spectators as well. When its time to dance, we’ll line up, and walk onto the floor. The music starts, and you simply dance your routine, just like in practice…but with more shine! After just 90 seconds of dancing the routine, the song fades out, we take a bow, and ta-da!

Q — Do we use choreography? Do we know our song?
A — In “showcase” divisions, we DO know our song in advance, and we choreograph a routine specific to the music. In “classic” divisions (the more common division, especially for starting out), we learn a general choreography and get a song that is matched to the particular tempo of the dance.