Kids Dance Classes

GEt the Kids Dancin’!


Dance is incredible in enhancing a child’s motor-functions, physical and mental well-being. We encourage young dancers to start as soon as they can – and we cater to their growing abilities in every way we can. Kids dance class with grow and progress as the children do, bringing forward confidence and healthy self-esteem.

DeLene and Tasha have been a teaching team for children for over 20 years! -in a variety of settings: ballet/tap/jazz, children’s church worship dancers, outdoor naturalists, even Kindergarten abroad in Australia! Have your children join this dynamic mother-daughter duo for a fantastic time movin’ and groovin’ to fun songs in a variety of dance styles.

Tasha will also be offering children’s yoga and aerial silks! They’ll get to get off the ground as they try out some fun poses and safe aerial balances. Starting in January 2018!

Kid’s Lessons

At All About Dance

These lessons will help your little one’s self-esteem and coordination. Dance is a fun, healthy hobby – and the sooner they start, the better! The benefits will spread into many facets of their lives, and shape a motivated, healthy child.

Kid’s Classes Coming Soon!
Kid’s summer yoga class led by Tasha…