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special dance classes at All About Dance


We will have a variety of special dance classes at All About Dance that come along now-and-then, rather than year-round. Classes will include intriguing dance styles like Belly Dance and Hip-Hop. There will be offerings outside of dance, like self-defense and martial arts. There will be seasonal courses too, like “The Wedding Dance,” the International Flash Mob, and Holiday special events. 

With unique variety like these, All About Dance is proud to be a dance enthusiast’s dream place! Learn a little bit of a lot of dances – all offered on a schedule that won’t overwhelm your life, because these classes aren’t fixed onto our schedule, rather, they will pop up at different times throughout the year. Certainly keeping things exciting and interesting here at All About Dance!

special dance cLasses

At All About Dance

Keep in contact with your instructors and the website to see which specialty classes will be offered next!

New specialty courses coming soon!