The Story Behind…

All About

All About Dance started 14 years ago by our own Kay Bryan. Running the studio by herself, she has brought in top teachers and created a great locale to dance. Then, the building management and lease changed…

Now, after being relocated…Investor and Producer Randal Moore has brought All About Dance to a whole new level. With top-of-the-line Maple hardwood flooring and increased studio size, All About Dance has moved to a new location (in the same building complex as before!). 

Kay Bryan is still a top teacher at our studio, along with Tasha Hoffner. As well as an entire fleet of additional instructors to broaden the variety of styles offered at this Colorado Springs’ Hub of dance. 

Some of our new, fantastic features include:

  • Maple Hardwood Flooring
  • A second dance floor for private lessons
  • Aerial Rigging from the open ceilings
  • Skylights over the main dance floor
  • A kid’s room, so kid’s can stay entertained and out of the way during adult dance classes.
  • A DJ booth off the floor, located in the instructor’s office/lounge.


“My goal is simply to dance. If others can benefit from this [studio] dream coming true – then that’s all the better!”
-Randal Moore